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Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing Design

The Futera Fusion XLF boilers bring the unparalleled efficiencies of the Futera Fusion and the high BTU capacities of the Futera XLF together in perfect synergy.

RBI's talented group of engineers bring the Fusion Series to increased levels of output while maintaining ultra-high efficiencies of up to 99% in the NEW FUSION XLF boiler. The Fusion XLF provides serious BTU's in an incredibly small footprint. Fusion XLF's innovative design brings superior power and efficiency with premium performance and serviceability all together in an unprecedented industry-leading small package design. No other manufacturer can put 4000 MBH into a configuration no larger than a traditional phone booth!

Double the power... half the size!

Standard Features
Optional Equipment
HeatNet onboard control

HeatNet provides an intuitive interface with plug-and-play connections to speed set-up and diagnostics for installing contractors. HeatNet controls up to 16 units in a master/ member configuration with a mix of condensing and non-condensing, or even base-loading an existing boiler based on conditional and priority firing.

Microprocessor electronics monitor all system variables and time-average responses based on actual usage to determine optimal firing rates for optimal performance efficiencies. Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks protocol is available for seamless communication with third-party building management systems. HeatNet also offers variable control settings including Mod/Max firing rates and boiler firing rotations and is easily updated through simple flash-drive updates.

More about the HeatNet Control

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