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Futera II Boiler and Domestic Hot Water Heater



The Futera II Series boilers and domestic water heaters provide non-condensing thermal efficiencies of 85%. All sizes from 500 to 1,950 MBH are fully packaged and fit through a standard 30" doorway for quick and easy installation. The Futera II provides a high concentration of BTU's in a small footprint, making it an excellent choice for jobs where mechanical space is limited, as well as modular step-fired applications. Futera II Series boilers and water heaters are also available with corrosion-resistant, brushed stainless steel jacket. Ideal for outdoor or indoor installation in harsh environments such as coastal areas and processing applications requiring wash down.

The Futera II Series offers maximum flexibility. Units can be set up using room air for combustion or by taking in outside air for sealed combustion. Units can be set up to vent vertically as Category I appliances and also vent horizontally as Category III through a sidewall, ideal for buildings without chimneys, where roof penetrations cannot exist, and on electric to gas conversions.

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