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Spectrum high efficiency hot water heater



The Spectrum Series boilers and water heaters offer the highest thermal efficiency available in atmospheric combustion today and is the only product in its size range, which uses 7/8" inside diameter, finned copper tubes in the heat exchanger. Larger diameter tubes handle higher flow rates and provide longer service life than competitive models that use 5/8" tubes. Available as residential heating boilers or light commercial water heaters from 100,000 to 399,000 BTU's. Spectrum Series boilers and water heaters are available with corrosion-resistant, brushed stainless stel jackets. Ideal for outdoor or indoor installation in corrosive or harsh environments.

The Spectrum's diagnostic control panel for easy troubleshooting is a unique feature in this BTU size range. Available with cast iron headers for heating or solid bronze headers for domestic water applications, the Spectrum offers application flexibility and is the perfect choice for restaurants, hotels, and car washes.

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