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grass (Photo #154590) by Lucas França via www.sxc.hu grass (Photo #154590) by Lucas França via www.sxc.hu Large Volume, continuous or intermittent hot water supply


RBI storage tanks are designed to provide large volume, continuous or intermittent supply of hot water at a constant outlet temperature. Storage tanks to be used in conjunction with our high efficiency water heaters range in size from small 80-gallon units through custom built 3,000-gallon models to handle any water heating application. RBI storage tanks incorporate the latest advances in interior tank lining and enhance performance. Quality materials and advanced engineering combine for a longer service life and better performance. Standard linings include glass or cement.

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Currently, tank failure due to corrosion most often occurs near a tank opening. During oven firing, the glass lining can burn back from tank openings, exposing raw metal. Not surprisingly, this raw metal corrodes, eventually causing tank failure. An exclusive innovation impedes corrosion by bridging the burn back area so that the metal is no longer exposed. Independent studies indicate that this simple but ingenious idea significantly extends tank life.

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